USU Insect Tours was initiated by the USU Insect Collection with the Oh Wow! Collection in 1998 as an effort to connect local communities in Cache Valley with the wonderful world of insects and arthopods. The program is operated by university students and faculty volunteers who are passionate about science education and outreach. The program is an important community resource, visited regularly by school and scouting groups of various ages. Since the program’s initiation, we have accommodated thousands of students through on-campus tours, as well as off campus outreach events. We feel that communicating the sciences, like entomology, is at the very core of the Utah State University’s mission. Our teaching classroom is located in Room 219 in the new Life Sciences Building at Utah State University, Logan Campus. We take great pride in offering a glimpse into Utah State University's world class Insect Collection.


While visiting USU Insect Tours you will have the opportunity to come face to face with "Pepe" the Peppered Cockraoch, "Cheryl" the Mexican Red Rump Tarantula, and "Spike" the Tailless Whip Scorpion. The USU Bug Zoo is home to some of our planet's largest six- and eight-legged friends. They come to us as far away as Africa, Central America, and the island of Trinidad. If you so desire, you may even have the opportunity to pet one of our very own Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. So step right up, and see what the USU Insect Tours program has in store for you. Click on the images below to read a little about some of the USU Bug Zoo's biggest stars!


CONTACT usu.insect.tours@gmail.com


Ashley Dederich

USU Ent. Club Science Outreach Coordinator


Utah State University

Depatment of Biology

5305 Old Main Hill

Logan, Utah 84321


Email: usu.insect.tours@gmail.com

Teaching Classroom: LSB 219


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Utah State University

Department of Biology

c/o Morgan Christman
5305 Old Main Hill

Logan, Utah 84321


Email: usuentclub@gmail.com

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